We are creators of event diversity to impact a new wave of event culture.  We are bring you creative, enthusiastic, and dynamic events for you to experience with family and friends..   Our goal is to give each and every event a different meaning, identity, and vision like no other.

Yoga_on_the_grass 2.jpg
Morning Workouts

Start your day with morning yoga and meditation in our outdoor turf-covered fitness area.
Arts & Culture

We are in the business of creativity and we believe we should empower our youth to showcases their creative juices.  Our kid's events allow this to happen organically to bring out untapped talent.

El Rally Point Paint and Wine
Sunday Brunch

Our morning brunches are very diverse, from your mimosas to our selection of wines and draft beers paired with amazing cheese platters and yummy options.

Ceilo Dinners

Our night dinners are picturesque with our tables having its own unique setup.  Surrounded by trees illuminated by lights to make your feel you as you are in a fantasy storebook. 

Dont go into the woods.jpg

Chula Vista's own hunted forest walkthrough experience.  With trees all around you, expect the unexpected.  You may experience an increased heartbeat, dry mouth, and sweaty palms. 

The Rally Point Cielo.jpg
Holiday Events

Our Starlight forest illumination areas include a sea of lights and animated musical show.  Enjoy the experience and walkthrough at your own pace.